Monday, February 21, 2011

Day Two of Blogging

No, I won't count every day I blog. I was just surprised by the response I received on my first day. Thank you to everyone who commented and supported this space. 

I thought I would share a little more about me. Well, ok not about me, but about my girls, Tava and Fimo. They are our 12 year old tabbies who are sisters. We rescued them in 1999 as kittens from a family with two little boys who were a bit ornery. Tava and Fimo, then named Ginger and Boots respectively, were very happy to leave with us. When we went to pick them up one of the ornery boys tossed Fimo into the ash filled fire place. The mother's comment was "now I know how the little gray paw prints got on the carpet." She thought the kittens were getting into the fire place on their own. She didn't say a thing to the boy about how mean it was to throw an 6 week old kitten into the fire place. I can only imagine the other horrors the girls endured. Sadly, we had to leave their two brothers behind.

Tava and Fimo have brought us years of enjoyment. We love watching them run through the house, chatter through the windows at the birds and enjoying a good roll around a pile of catnip. Here are their photos. Tava enjoys getting into things, such as boxes, drawers or here - my Birkies. Fimo, the dominate one is also the fat one. I've tried not to embarrass her so I tried hiding her body. I'm sure she'll thank me later. 

I hope you've enjoyed meeting my girls. I'm sure you'll hear about them from time to time. They are just one of my favorite things in life.

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