Sunday, April 22, 2012

All ThingsTim Question of the Week 4/22/2012

As you know I belong to a Yahoo Group called All Thing Tim. It's a on line list that gathers people from around the world to focus on Tim Holtz. From Tim's blog "Tim Holtz is the Creative Director for Ranger Industries, one of the leading manufacturers of innovative inks, paints, and embossing products" Because we all love Ranger products and Tim's ideas, All Things Tim is a great place to get together to share ideas and swap art using Tim's techniques. 

Recently one of the moderators, Stephen, ( started asking weekly questions to keep the list moving. 

This weeks Question of the Week is:

What lead you to do what you do art-wise? Be it stamping, scrap booking,
painting, mix media, altering..

Lets us all know why you do what you do.

I thought my response would be a good item for my blog. So for those of you interested or who may have missed it on the ATT list -  here is my response:

I was never artsy/crafty and never really  had a passion for art other than appreciating the art of others. I can not draw a straight line with a ruler. When I do it doesn't  look straight to me. When I don't it looks straight but it's not.

I always gravitated to arty greeting cards which 20 years ago were hard to find. I walked into a local card shop that I frequented and saw a sign for a class on making your own cards. For some reason this sounded interesting so I signed up. From the moment I stamped my first image I was hooked. The class was just about stamping and embossing but it started the foundation of what I do today.

After thinking, "I'll save money making my own cards" I've spent more money making cards that I ever would have spent in the last 17 years. But I've spent more time relaxing, making other people happy with my creations and mostly making myself happier than I was when I was buying greeting cards.

I do more than make cards now. I've made wall hangings, Tim's Configurations Shadow Boxes, canvass work, clothing and more. I've learn so many techniques above and beyond embossing. I've learned how to use color in many mediums. I've gone so far away from needing a ruler to draw a straight line but I am better at using it when I need to.

I don't consider what I do crafting because it entails more than that. I consider my work art. Never in my life before 1995 would I have called myself at artist but now I can and do. Walking into that card shop all those years ago changed my life for the better. I do this because I love it. I can't imagine not being able to create because it's become an important part of my life and it has become apart of me. That's why I continue to make my art. Some days it's good art, some days it's bad art, but it's all art.

Did I mention all the great people I've met all because I put some ink to paper one day. This has been a great journey in the art world. I hope it continues the rest of m
y life.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Creative Chemistry 101 continues

Today I worked on two similar graduation cards and a birthday card using techniques from Creative Chemistry Day 2. I love smooshing distress ink onto card stock from the craft mat. I'm so glad Tim Holtz and Ranger came up with distress ink. It blends so well and gives a great watercolor effect in so many different ways.

I also like the fact that sometimes what seems like a mistake turns out nice. That happened on the Take Time birthday card. I stamped the diamonds on the card and thought oh gosh. Then I added some crystal lacquer and loved the result. I'll probably be using that "mistake" again. 

The bubble made from UTEE says - Life is a journey not a destination. 

 Hope you enjoy taking a peek as the fun I had today.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tim Time

Today I've been working on cards for the All Things Tim birthday card swap. I also am participating in the Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry 101 Online Class, a little late but as they say...

I used the Day 2 technique on Judy Snell's card along with the carte postale embossing folder for texture. My first attempt for the Day 2 technique can be seen with the bird card I did on my Aunt Jackie's card. I also took some tips from Kate Palmer for lightening up some of the areas by removing some of the color. I thought the bird was too dark at first but am happier with the outcome.

Kate has a great video on YouTube for using Distress Ink coloring. Take a peek.

Looking forward to seeing the 3rd - 10th installments of the CC101 classes. Tim is so full of great information for we stamping enthusiasts. I love the distressed look and hope to improve my artful attempts from what I can learn from these videos. I'll post more of my work as I progress though the series.

Hope you enjoy what you see here.


One of these days I'll figure out how to line things up better. lol