Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring Break

Spring is here but it seems we are all still looking for it to arrive. I know I'd like to see it warm up a bit. The sun has been plentiful so that has been a joy to see.

This month's theme for the All Things Tim monthly card swap is "Think Spring". I've been thinking and thinking but Spring has not sprung just yet. Even in my art I had a little trouble with the Spring theme. I made this card

While I like it I felt it was too distressed for Spring. Might have been because the gray day when I made it. I just wasn't happy with it and worried Joyce Norman my swap partner might thing the same thing. So in an effort not to disappoint I made a brighter Spring card. I still used Tim Holtz' techniques and supplies I didn't distress this card as much. Just a little Worn Lipstick ink around the edges. I like this card too.

This card was done with an old technique called reverse stamping. I inked the tulip and stamped it on a flat rubber stamp, then stamped it on the card. That makes a lighter reversed image. It's fun to go back to old ideas sometimes rather than keeping up with all the new things that come along. Sometimes it's hard to remember to do that though.

Today I made this card for a friend's 60th birthday. I have trouble trying to design men's cards sometimes. Tim's distressed techniques and supplies do lend well to masculine cards so I had fun working on this card. 

I hope that Spring is not too far away from where you live. If you see it, give it a little boost my way. I'm ready for it. Spring break from school really didn't have the "Spring" in it but it has been a good break just the same. 

Hope you enjoyed this little blog entry and hope to see you next month.

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